Tether casinos that accept USDT

Min. deposit:
INR 100
Free Spins:
125% up to INR 25,000
5X (D+B)
Min. deposit:
INR 55
Free Spins:
100% up to INR 20,000
Min. deposit:
INR 300
Free Spins:
150% up to INR 20,000

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Tether supported (bonus included)

Minimum deposit

Maximum deposit

Welcome bonus

Transaction time



INR 300

INR 70,000

160% Welcome bonus for Indian players




INR 850


First deposit bonus up to INR 25,000




INR 3,000


Welcome bonus up to INR 20,000





USDT 5 (INR 400)


150% on the first deposit, up to INR 20,000




INR 1,000


100% on the first deposit, up to INR 20,000




INR 100


200% on the first deposit, up to INR 20,000


Welcome to the future: Discover Tether casinos

There’s a solid reason why Tether (symbol: USDT) has become so popular – first in the cryptoverse, and then in casinos and betting apps.

To “blame” it all on just the market cap of this cryptocurrency on the rise would be to miss a point completely. This “stablecoin” (we’ll explain this shortly) actually has several advantages that make it a darling of Tether casinos and its players.

To start with, while USDT technically is a cryptocurrency, it also has numerous benefits of traditional payment methods – and that usually means that you will be eligible for all those great bonuses that Indian casinos and betting apps provide.

In this article, we will explain the not-so-surprising phenomenon of Tether online casinos, explain what you can expect from this coin, and guide you through its use with the popular bookmakers.

In order to write this review, we have tested several new Tether casinos and found out all that’s great – and not so great – about this payment method.

It should go without saying that every mentioned casino and app is reputable, with a valid license in India, which means they can be trusted with your money.

What is Tether: The real value of the first proper stablecoin

Those who oppose the widespread use of cryptocurrencies usually use the same old arguments: they are too volatile, too obscure, too complicated to use or to convert.

None of this applies to USDT, the most popular stablecoin in the world.

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, it is much more resilient and its price does not fluctuate, at least not tangibly.

Tether has been around from 2014, when it was known as “Realcoin”. It was created by Reeve Collins, Brock Pierce and Craig Sellars, with the idea that it would always be pegged to US dollar. In theory, and much more importantly in practice, 1 USDT is valued at 1 USD (with only minor deviations), which helped propel this crypto as probably the best alternative to Bitcoin.

This is also one of the main reasons for the rising popularity of stablecoin casinos. The gambling sites and betting platforms in India have embraced USDT wholeheartedly, and the players soon saw the value.

Hopefully our presentation of best USDT casinos and bookmakers will help you understand why, and perhaps tickle your fancy to try betting with this particular stablecoin.

Tether casino guide: Why bet with USDT

Don’t believe the hype – cryptocurrency craze has not faltered. On the contrary: when it comes to USDT casinos, there are dozens of trusted and licensed websites and apps that accept Tether as a payment method, and more of them are deciding to do so on a daily basis.

There are several reasons for this, as we will demonstrate.

Here are the main takeaways from our top reviews:

  • The stability and value make Tether an ideal asset for sports betting and casino.

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, even the most popular ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Tether is much more resilient. Its price is usually the same, and you will not have to worry about those pesky swings in the market price.

  • It is popular with the casinos – and the players alike.

From a somewhat timid start, USDT has truly risen to the very top of the cryptomarket. The casinos quickly realised its potential, and now you’d be hard to find a betting platform in India that will not allow you to at least make a deposit via this stablecoin. New Tether casinos are blossoming, and trust us: this is a train you don’t want to miss.

  • You can count on many bonuses.

The best betting apps in India, just like casinos, will have numerous promotions and bonuses for newly registered players. They usually require you to make a deposit in order to claim them – and if you are using USDT, you will more often than not be eligible for a nice extra sum. Unfortunately, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is still preferred by many casinos, but this is changing in front of our very eyes.

  • Enjoy all the games in Tether online casinos.

When you choose a bookmaker that is USDT-friendly, you will get access to many slot machines, roulettes and card games. These casinos have a vast array of games on offer, so you will be able to find your next favourite in the blink of an eye. And if you’re just looking to make a sports punt – you are more than welcome, too.

  • Minimum amount is low, maximum amount is non-existent.

Scroll back to the top and take another hard look at the table. You can top up your account in most of the online casinos with a meagre amount of money – it starts from just USDT 1! On the other hand, if you wish to invest more, there is nothing stopping you, as Tether casinos usually don’t have a maximum deposit cap.

  • Safety, reliability, transparency.

There are cryptocurrencies that show up from nowhere and then crash and burn, leaving a lot of sad holders in their wake. This will definitely not be the case with Tether, and you can be sure your money’s worth will not lose its value.

We try to give you the best possible outlook on all the payment methods we cover. That is why we have also found out some features of USDT that might put you off. In our honest review you will see all the pros and cons of this asset.

How to buy Tether (USDT)

Cryptocurrencies are not just for those tech-savvy geeks anymore. Anyone can now join the crypto-revolution, as there are many global exchanges that will allow you to become an owner of the asset.

There are nuances that might help you decide what crypto exchange you wish to use, but the most important thing is that they are easy to use – all you need to start with is your mobile phone and access to internet.

Here are the three popular exchanges in India:

Name of exchange / app



The largest exchange in the world by trading volume. It is globally available (with the exception of the United States)


US-based cryptocurrency exchange now comes with a mobile app for users around the world


The company based in Singapore, founded in 2016, has a world-wide presence. They will be one of the sponsors of 2022 FIFA World Cup






You can obtain Tether by following three simple steps, even if you are a newbie.

  1. Pick a crypto exchange you wish to use. Pay attention to its availability and the fees. Apps like Binance also have a “Basic” mode that is more friendly towards inexperienced users.
  2. In the list of available currencies, choose Tether and initiate the purchase. There is usually a minimum amount you can buy with USD or EUR with your credit card.
  3. To store your Tether, you will need to have a crypto wallet. Apps like Kraken or Binance have a built-in wallet, so you don’t have to go third-party.

Most of the exchange apps are available on Google Play Store (Android) or AppStore (iOS) and can be downloaded in India free of charge.

How to choose the best Tether casino in India

We have so far praised the use of USDT in Indian online casinos, but now it’s time for some fair warnings. Just like you wouldn’t trust a shady bank to store your money in, you want to make sure that you are investing your hard-earned Rupees in a licensed casino or a betting platform.

These are the steps we take to ensure a Tether casino is the real thing.

  • License information: The crypto-community, just like the betting community, can be a really warm and welcoming place, but it doesn’t mean that there won’t be a bad apple in there. There are ways to identify proper casinos and separate them from scams. You can definitely trust us – every platform that we cover is tested and tried – but it doesn’t hurt to check the license information for yourself.
  • Deposit: Don’t fall for a silver-tongued ad or a banner. Best online casinos in India will have a list of accepted payment options, so that you can always check the minimum amount and any fees for transactions. In every review we write, we provide a table with supported payment methods, and we have a special section dedicated to crypto payments. Make sure you check them out and look for Tether.
  • Money withdrawal: Tether is more widely accepted as a deposit method than a withdrawal one. Needless to say, the online casinos that make use of the full potential of Tether receive higher marks from us.
  • Bonus availability: There are many casinos in India that accept Tether, but not all of them will let you grab that welcome bonus if you make your first payment with USDT. On the other hand, there are bookmakers that will actually reward you for using cryptocurrencies like Tether. They are the ones that we will recommend if you plan on gambling with Tether.
  • Number of games: So you’ve found a casino that will accept USDT, and even grant you a bonus for your first deposit? Then you see their list of available slots and game providers and disappointment sets in – there are no your favourite or exciting games. This is why the research is needed, but lucky for you, you don’t have to comb through every casino in India. It’s enough just to bookmark and follow our website – IndianBettingApp.com has got you covered.

Our top Tether casinos – and why we have shortlisted them

Finding the best Tether bookmaker is not an easy task. We have so far found more than a dozen of legitimate Indian casinos willing to accept USDT, and they all have their differences that you need to take into account.

It might seem like too much of a burden even for someone well-versed in casinos and cryptocurrencies – but we’re there for you.

We’ve narrowed down the choice to three casinos, though that does not mean you should disregard the others. The more you play, the more nuances and features you will discover, and we are certain that you will have your own favourite soon.

Here is our shortlist, with a short explanation for every casino and betting app.

  • Mostbet apk: To be honest, this is a no brainer. Apart from being a casino with a plethora of interesting games and an amazing sportsbook (especially for those cricket fans among our readers), Mostbet goes a little bit further. As you may have seen in our review of this bookie, they will offer a special bonus if you make a deposit of INR 150 using Tether (or other accepted cryptocurrencies). Yes, there are free spins waiting for you every day just for topping up the account with a little bit of USDT.
  • Betmaster only has a limited list of accepted cryptocoins, but luckily Tether is among them – and they make a good use of it. The downside of Betmaster is the pretty high minimum amount for depositing in Crypto (INR 3,000), but they make up for it by simplifying the process and having a fast processing time for money withdrawal.
  • 22Bet apk is made for you, if you are into cryptocurrencies and you like to have some fun in an online casino every now and then. There are more than 40 coins on offer, and Tether is very highly rated among them. You can invest as little as INR 100, and the withdrawal time is almost instant.

How to make a deposit with Tether in online casino for USDT gambling

If you’ve registered for a Tether casino, there are only minutes separating you from playing for some real money – and USDT is, as we have proven time and time again, very real money.

So let’s see how to top up your account using Tether. Kindly note that by now it is understood that you’ve already purchased some USDT and stored it in your crypto-wallet for further use. You will be practically transferring money from your crypto wallet to your betting account.

We will give you a broad guide that should cover most of the betting platforms. For detailed instructions, please consult our thorough articles.

  1. Login to your favourite online casino and locate the “Deposit” option. It should be on the main page and always visible.
  2. Choose USDT (Tether) from the list of available deposit methods. It’s easily recognizable – just look for the capital T.
  3. You will receive the address. Copy it and then open your USDT wallet. Paste the address into the wallet.
  4. Be mindful of the addresses and networks and make sure you copy them – this is how the money gets lost.
  5. Enter the desired amount and you will see the potential fee for the trade, if there is one.
  6. Wait (shortly) for confirmation on the blockchain. Your transaction will usually be approved in a heartbeat. UPI PIN and the transaction ID.

Withdraw with Tether: When technology works for you

USDT is great for withdrawing your money – provided you can find a casino that will allow you to do this. Unfortunately, some Indian bookies are still hesitant when it comes to Tether, and this becomes obvious when transferring your winnings.

If you choose a good Tether casino, you will be able to transfer money in a secure and timely fashion. Depending on the betting app, USDT will show up in your e-wallet in, at most, 24 hours, but usually a lot faster.

Please note that basically every bookmaker in India is requested by law to ask for KYC verification before your first withdrawal.

Pros and cons of using Tether for online betting

Nothing is as perfect as it seems – and this is also true for Tether. Yes, this stablecoin has many advantages that we’ve only briefly touched, but it’s not for everyone.

Of course, if you are sceptical about cryptocurrencies in general, you will not realize all the benefits of USDT and similar projects. But we hope we have provided you with enough information to at least test it for yourself.

That being said, we want to be as straightforward as possible, and have compiled this list of positive and negative features of the symbiosis between Tether and online betting.



Unlike most of the other cryptocurrencies, Tether has a stable value and isn’t susceptible to market knocks

The stability means that your wallet will not increase in value

USDT is fairly easy to use – even if you are just entering the crypto world

There are still large online casinos in India not accepting USDT

There are dozens of USDT casinos, and more and more reputable Indian betting sites are now accepting it

Some of the betting platforms will not have a bonus for crypto deposits

There is usually a low minimum deposit

You might not be able to transfer your winnings directly to USDT

Transactions are fast and secure – just make sure you follow the instructions closely


Majority of Indian betting apps will grant you a welcome bonus for depositing in USDT...


... and some will even further reward you for using crypto


Alternatives to Tether: The most popular payment methods in India 2022

If you are more of a traditional user, you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of alternatives to cryptocurrencies when it comes to gambling.

Here are the most prominent.

Payment method



If you’ve lived in India in the past decade, you’ve probably used Paytm for various needs. You’d be pressed to find an online Indian gambling site that will not readily accept Paytm – and you can check out our review to understand why


Both a younger brother of Paytm and an upstart trying to topple it, PhonePe is a payment system and a digital wallet for modern smartphone devices. It is also ubiquitous when it comes to online betting


Touted as a revolutionary payment app and e-wallet, it will allow you to make contactless payments and transfer your money instantly. Alas, it is still not that widespread in India


Can I use Tether for depositing in an Indian online casino?

Yes. Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin that has by now become a staple of many Indian gambling websites. There are still some platforms that are taking their time, but make no mistake – Tether is very useful already, and is becoming even more every day.

Why is Tether a good crypto for betting?

There are several reasons that we have already established. To sum it up: its value doesn’t fluctuate, it is stable, secure, and there is an extensive list of USDT-friendly casinos in India.

I’m pretty much new in this whole crypto business. Will I have any trouble getting on?

No. Tether works on a blockchain and uses Ethereum network for transactions, but you don’t need to understand all that technical mumbo-jumbo to actually use it. It is a good stepping stone for cryptocurrencies, and it doesn’t take a genius to understand it.

I want to gamble, but I don’t have any USDT. Where can I buy some Tether?

You should visit the most popular crypto exchanges. We’ve suggested three of them – Binance, Kraken and Crypto.com – but there are many more reputable exchanges that will allow you to buy USDT using your credit card. You will be able to safely store it in e-wallets, too.

Is Tether safe?

As safe as they come. Stablecoins are by default better equipped to deal with any market problems, and if you follow the basic safety protocol, your crypto assets will be secure.

Is there a minimum amount I can deposit with Tether?

Yes, but it’s usually pretty low. You will be able to deposit smaller sums, like INR 300, using Tether – and there is quite literally no ceiling when it comes to withdrawing your winnings. That’s another fabulous USDT advantage.

How do I deposit money in an Indian online casino with Tether?

It’s easy, provided you’ve already came into possession of USDT on a betting exchange. Just select Tether from the list of available methods, copy the address into your crypto-wallet and confirm the transaction. It only takes a couple of clicks – and no more than a minute or so.

Is there a welcome bonus for using Tether?

Yes, unless you really try to find those gambling sites that have special promotions for all the other payment methods except for crypto. On the other hand, we’ll help you pick the online casinos that actually promote crypto payments with a nice little percentage on your deposit.

Which casino is best for Tether gambling?

At the moment, we are leaning slightly towards Mostbet, if only because of the crypto bonus that we’ve talked about. Still, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea and you should really try some more brands before you make a qualified decision. Our testing team will strive to keep you updated on new Tether casinos.