Paytm casinos and apps for bets

Min. deposit:
INR 300
Free Spins:
100% Sports Welcome bonus
Min. deposit:
INR 150
Free Spins:
100% up to INR 20,000
Min. deposit:
INR 500
Free Spins:
200% Welcome bonus

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Paytm supported

Minimum deposit

Maximum deposit

Welcome bonus

Transaction time



INR 300

INR 70,000

150% on the first deposit, up to INR 20,000 (sports and casino)

15 minutes



INR 300

INR 30,000

100% Sports, 120% Casino, up to INR 5,000


12BET apk


INR 500

INR 100,000

200% Welcome bonus for Indian players

15 minutes




INR 500


100% on the first deposit, up to INR 20,000

15 minutes



INR 1,000

INR 50,000

160% Welcome bonus for Indian players, up to INR 16,000




INR 200


100% bonus up to INR 20,000


The easy way to bet on cricket and play casino with Paytm

It has been more than half a decade since the revolutionary banknote demonetisation in India. For sure, the process was not too easy for everyone, but in long term, it has served its purpose, and increasing cashless transactions brought us the expansion of digital mobile payment apps.

And none has been as successful or as popular as Paytm. It is currently India’s largest mobile payments and commerce platform, and in the past few years Paytm has also been touted by many casino players.

In this article, we will tell you all about Paytm online casinos and betting platforms in India, and give you instructions on how to use it with most popular betting apps.

There are significant benefits of using Paytm in online betting – a welcome bonus for your first deposit might be the tip of the iceberg – though the service does have a couple of disadvantages. That is why we will also compare it with other popular payment options.

Rest assured – all the Paytm betting apps and casinos that we will talk about are trusted and legitimate for betting in India.

What is Paytm: From Utar Pradesh to the world

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Vijay Shekhar Sharma the India’s answer to Elon Musk. The tech entrepreneur founded Paytm – the name and the logo were a tip of the hat to PayPal – in Noida in 2010, as a prepaid mobile platform, but soon expanded into digital payments.

The 2016 demonetisation only propelled Paytm to stardom, seeing as Paytm Wallet was already functional from 2014 onwards.

Paytm is now one of the most valuable Indian financial companies, and its various services and apps are used by millions of citizens. For example, you can enjoy online shopping, book movie tickets, buy and sell digital gold, or even pay your broadband or landline utility bill.

Thus, when the online betting and online casinos took hold in India, Paytm was prepared – and bookmakers quickly realised the benefits of fast and secure payments.

Paytm casinos and betting apps: A good match

Nowadays it would be pretty hard to find a betting app that does not support Paytm.

Apart from its widespread acceptance, Paytm will also offer additional advantages to casino and betting fans in India. Here is our short list:

  • No transaction fees for depositing money.

There is no need to read the small print or worry about an unpleasant surprise when the monthly financial report comes in – there are no transaction fees whatsoever when topping up the account in Paytm casinos.

  • It is made for Indians (and by Indians).

A little patriotism never hurt anybody, but there is more to Paytm than just pride – you will be able to make deposits and withdraw your money in our national currency. Even the world-wide (and world-renowned) betting apps will show everything Indian Rupees.

  • Paytm wallet lets you have a complete control of your spending.

Registered Paytm users can add funds to their Paytm wallet using any debit or credit card accepted by the Reserve Bank of India. Paytm wallet makes it easier to plan your spending, and trust us – there is nothing cooler than responsible gambling.

  • It is simple, reliable and secure.

More than 30 Crore Indians using Paytm are probably a good advert for this financial service. But there is more to it than that – since Paytm processes UPI payments, which are in turn regulated by the Reserve Bank of India, you can sleep safe knowing that the company will follow all the guidelines.

Of course, this does not mean that Paytm is perfect. There are some negative aspects of using Paytm, so keep reading this article to find out what they are – and if any of it is a red line for you as a (potential) user.

How to open a Paytm account in India

Only users with a valid and active account will be able to make a deposit in the best Paytm casinos in India.

Fortunately, you can get the Paytm app and register for the service in the nick of time – and the only thing you will need is your mobile phone and your bank account.

Just a quick reminder: the app is available on AppStore India (if you have an Apple device), or on Google Play Store (for Android devices).

 Here is the main information on the app.

Name of app / OS

Number of downloads

Number of reviews / ratings

Average rating


Paytm: Secure UPI Payments / Android




Google Play Store

Paytm: Secure UPI Payments / iOS





To create a Paytm account via app, follow these steps.

  1. Launch the Paytm app and tap on the Profile icon – it is located at the top right corner.
  2. Tap “Create a new account”.
  3. You will need to enter your mobile phone number, email address, and a password. Tap “Create a new account” again.
  4. You should receive an OTP (one-time-password) via SMS.
  5. Enter the OTP and tap “Submit”. Now fill in your name and date of birth.
  6. Tap “Create account” again and you can start using Paytm. Of course, in order to unlock its full potential, you should link it to your bank account or a credit card.

Choosing the top Paytm casinos and betting apps in India

Whether you are a dedicated fan of online casinos or you just like to punt on cricket every now and then, you want to make sure that the betting platform is legitimate and legally operating on Indian soil.

There are several ways to confirm this.

  • License: First came the expansion of online betting in India. Then, unfortunately, the fraudsters followed. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that the online casino is legitimate. First look for the license information on the official website, and definitely read our thorough reviews of proper betting platforms. This also means that they are secure for payments like Paytm.
  • Deposit: For a comprehensive list of payment methods accepted by each betting app or online casino, kindly check out our honest reviews. Generally speaking, stay clear of bookmakers that do not support Paytm and UPI payments – this should be a no brainer.
  • Withdrawal: What separates good casinos from the great casinos are the means (and the speed) of money withdrawal. While Paytm is not the fastest when it comes to transaction time, especially if you are using it as an e-wallet, it is more than reliable.
  • Bonus: Remember when we said that you don’t need to look at the fine print while using Paytm? Well, that was only half-true. New Paytm casinos, as well as those established betting platforms, will have prepared a welcome bonus for Indian players making a deposit with Paytm, but heed the wagering requirements. They vary from betting app to betting app, and some are pretty steep, while others are more easily fulfilled.
  • Games: This is where you ask yourself – what do I expect from a casino or a bookmaker? If you like the most popular slots and card games, then you cannot make a mistake, as most of the top Paytm casinos in India will have the crowd favourites. But if you yearn for something exotic, like less popular game providers or sports, maybe you should broaden your search and find a new favourite betting app. Naturally, you will have a trusted helping hand on our website.

Our choice: Which bookmakers work best with Paytm

Hopefully by now you have already decided on a bookmaker that will best serve your needs – but in order to play for some real money, you first need to invest some real money.

Paytm has got you covered – it is one of the best payment methods for Indian casinos and betting platforms. Apart from being ubiquitous, it will also make a player eligible for that precious welcome bonus on the first deposit.

Just a quick reminder that some of the other payment methods – mainly cryptocurrencies, but also e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill – do not come with a welcome package in several popular betting apps.

But if you opted for Paytm as your preferred payment method, you are in the clear – freebet money is already waiting for you, you just need to grab it.

In order to help you make a decision, we’ve compiled a list of three betting apps (which include online casinos) that will work great with Paytm. This is just a suggestion, mind you, as you might find some other bookies more alluring.

  • Parimatch: With a very low minimum deposit amount, a huge number of sports competitions and slot machine providers, and a complete support for Paytm, Parimatch might be worth your while. Do not miss a chance to grab a Slots welcome bonus which can, amazingly, go up to INR 105,000.
  • 1xBet: This famous – and a little infamous – company is trying hard to leave the problems behind. The way they are doing it might be of interest to Indian players – there are several welcome packages for the first deposit in Paytm and a plethora of interesting casino games, virtual sports and e-sports.
  • 4RaBet is first and foremost an Indian betting company, which means that Paytm support is great. Make your first deposit via Paytm and grab a bonus of up to INR 20,000. And the Aviator game works like a charm in the 4RaBet app. 

How to pass KYC verification and make a deposit with Paytm

We have already explained how to download the Paytm app and sign up for the service.

Now it’s time to learn how to make a deposit in Paytm casinos in India.

Verify your Paytm account

The bad news is that an extra step is needed – you will need to verify your Paytm account. That is not all: before withdrawing money, you will also need to verify your online casino account. But more on that later, we promise.

The good news, though, is that this process needs to be done just once, and it’s not much of a complication anyway.

There are several restrictions for unverified Paytm accounts, like the limit of just INR 10,000 in the wallet balance.

  1. To bypass this and pass the Paytm KYC, simply link your Aadhar Card with your Paytm account. You can do this easily via the app.
  2. Apart from Aadhar Card, other documents are also permissible: Passport, Voter ID, Driving license, or even a NREGA Job Card.

Once you do this, you can deposit money to your Paytm wallet. There are no surcharges, and you can use any of the following methods:

  • Netbanking
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

Top up your casino account using Paytm

Once you have confirmed your identity, you can open up the betting or casino app to top up your account and start having fun – and hopefully win some money.

There are some slight differences between the betting apps when it comes to this process, but it is usually very friendly towards Paytm users. Just follow these instructions and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Log in to your favourite betting app and find the “Deposit” or “Banking” button. It is usually very visible and distinct.
  2. Locate Paytm in the list of deposit methods.
  3. Enter the amount of money – it can usually be anywhere from INR 200 to INR 100,000, depending on the bookie.
  4. You will see the Paytm Wallet number of the betting casino. This will enable sending money to the bookmaker’s account. You will need to confirm this transaction with your UPI PIN and the transaction ID.
  5. The money will be in your account in less than quarter of an hour, sometimes even faster. If it takes too long, do not hesitate to contact the customer support of Paytm or your bookie.

Withdraw money using Paytm: Safe and secure... but not free

The flat fee for withdrawing money is by far the biggest drawback of Paytm casinos. Whenever you wish to send the money to your personal bank account, you will be charged with 4% of the transaction amount. Please note that this is a Paytm fee. It does not depend on the casino or betting platform.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about this, so let’s look at the silver lining: at least it is one of the safest – if not fastest – methods.

The funds will show up in your account in 48 hours or less. Of course, the prerequisite for withdrawing money is that your betting account is verified.

Pros and cons of using Paytm for online betting

We’d love to say that the withdrawal fee is the only negative feature of using Paytm, but that would not be the whole truth. We are also aware that the transaction times are nothing to write home about, though Paytm really makes amends with general user experience and great customer support.

But still, we feel that when it comes to Paytm and online betting, the good outweighs the bad. It has our full recommendation.



By far the most popular wallet for Indian citizens in the past decade

There’s a 4% fee when withdrawing money from Paytm to your bank account

It is very easy to use – and you will have a complete control of your spending

Transactions are not that fast – sometimes it can take up to 48 hours

No extra charges when depositing money in an online casino

Several steps are needed for verification of Paytm account

All the best casinos and betting platforms will readily accept it

The consensus among the reviewers on Play Store and AppStore is that customer service could do with a makeover

Paytm app is getting better with every update


There’s a Paytm welcome bonus with free bets and/or free spins in every betting app in India


Everything will be displayed in Rupees


Reserve Bank of India is a regulator, and thus guarantor of legality


Alternatives to Paytm: Popular deposit and withdrawal methods in India

The beauty of India’s love story with digital payment methods is that there are a lot of them – and betting companies have taken notice of that.

If you do not particularly like Paytm for whatever reason, there are always alternatives.

Here are just some of them.

Payment method



Still not as widely accepted as Paytm, PhonePe does have some things going for it. For example, there are no fees even for withdrawing money, and it is remarkably simple to use


One payment processor to rule them all – that was the general idea of AstroPay, the digital wallet is gaining popularity in India, step by step. The company has also started sponsoring cricket teams, which increased its stature in Asia


There will probably come a time when cryptocurrencies are on a par with mainstream payment methods. Unfortunately, that is still not the case – but at least give it a try

Paytm Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Can I use Paytm to make a deposit in an Indian online casino?

Yes. Paytm is very popular when it comes to casino and betting sites, including the leading Indian betting apps. Millions of Indian citizens are using Paytm for various needs, and online betting can – and should – be one of them.

Are there any extra charges when depositing money with Paytm?

No. It doesn’t matter which bookmaker you have signed up to – there are no hidden costs when topping up your account. This is another reason for the spike in popularity of Paytm casinos. Withdrawing money, on the other hand, is somewhat different...

I want to transfer money from my Paytm wallet to my bank account. Is that also free?

No, unfortunately. Paytm will charge you a flat 4% fee for every transaction. It doesn’t matter if your account is verified, or what is the total sum.

Is Paytm safe?

Yes, and that’s underselling it. Paytm is regulated by Reserve Bank of India, and it has been a trailblazer of digitalization of financial transactions in India. The chances of getting scammed while using Paytm are slim.

Where can I download a Paytm app for Android or iOS?

You can find the app on Google Play Store (for Android) or AppStore (for Apple devices). There apps are immensely popular, and their ratings are pretty great. The updates are rolling out on a regular basis, which is always great to see.

What is the minimum amount I can deposit via Paytm?

It really depends on the betting or casino app. But in general, the threshold is pretty low. Of course, if we are talking about your first deposit, you might want to splurge a bit – the more you invest, the bigger the bonus.

How do I deposit money in an online casino using Paytm?

First things first: register for Paytm, and then verify your account using KYC. After that, log in to your betting app and choose Paytm from the list of available options. Enter the preferred amount and you will be prompted to finish the transaction. If you get stuck, just consult this page again.

Are there many betting apps and casinos with Paytm support?

Yes. We might as well declare that Paytm is the most popular payment method for Indian betting companies. There’s probably not a single bookmaker that does not accept it – and that leads us to the very important next question.

Is there a welcome bonus in Paytm casinos?

Yes. The beauty of Paytm is that you will be eligible for a special welcome bonus just for making your first deposit. Check out the wagering requirements in our betting apps reviews before you make your pick, though.

Is Paytm fast?

It depends. If we’re talking about depositing money, then sure, it is usually quick as a flash. But when you want to withdraw your funds, arm yourself with patience. Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours.