Online Betting Apps in India: download legal sports apk & ipa

Min. deposit:
INR 300
Free Spins:
160% up to INR 16,000
15X (B+D)
Min. deposit:
INR 100
Free Spins:
125% up to INR 25,000
5X (D+B)
Min. deposit:
INR 90
Free Spins:
Welcome bonus up to INR 10,000
Min. deposit:
INR 200
Free Spins:
Welcome bonus up to INR 20,000
Min. deposit:
INR 300
Free Spins:
150% up to INR 20,000
Min. deposit:
INR 55
Free Spins:
100% up to INR 20,000
Min. deposit:
INR 100
Free Spins:
200% up to INR 20,000
Min. deposit:
INR 300
Free Spins:
75 FS
100% up to INR 10,000
Min. deposit:
INR 150
Free Spins:
100% up to INR 20,000
Min. deposit:
INR 300
Free Spins:
100% Sports Welcome bonus
Min. deposit:
INR 100
Free Spins:
200% Welcome bonus
Min. deposit:
Free Spins:
Welcome up to $500 + 250 FS
x50 (B+D)
Min. deposit:
INR 500
Free Spins:
200% Welcome bonus

With the rising popularity of sports betting and casino games across our country, online betting also picked up steam. And now, when everyone seems to have a modern smartphone in their pocket, it’s more important than ever for fans of sports and games to be able to find a safe and trustworthy online betting app.

There are numerous options for fans of gambling, but they vary in popularity, number of games and types of bets offered, user experience, ease of download and installation and bonuses that a newly registered player can claim.

That being said, rest assured that in our honest reviews you will find out what make best betting apps stand out from the rest.

Sometimes it’s the number of sports and markets; sometimes it’s the bonuses and promotions, or just available methods – and quickness – of depositing money and collecting your winnings.

Whether your phone runs on Android or iOS, in this article we will show you how to pick the best legal betting app in India.

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Finding the best betting apk/ipa for Indian players

On, we will compare what every app for betting on sports brings to Indian players, so that you can make the right choice and find a legal, safe and reliable bookmaker that will best suit your needs with no effort.

Our goal is to establish the top betting apk in India and make it easy and simple for players to bet on the go.

We will show you how the app download looks like and guide you through the registration process, right up to making your first deposit and placing your first bet – all in just a few simple clicks on your mobile device.

We will, of course, keep you up to date with all the promotions and bonuses. And trust our word, there are some exclusive offers for Indian players only.

Furthermore, you can read what the other users are saying and help us determine the best online betting app in India.

What is a sports betting app in India and why you should get one

When you want to place a bet online or just spin some roulette in an online casino, the easier way is to use a betting app in India installed on your phone, or even a laptop or desktop computer.

These are the most important features of a good online betting app that you should consider. The more these features an app has, the closer it is to being a best betting app.

  • Sportsbook: You can bet on the upcoming events or choose live betting. Odds change in real time, and so can your winnings.
  • Huge selection of sports and markets: It’s not just football, tennis, cricket or even kabaddi. Legal betting apps offer an enormous variety of competitions.
  • Live stream and matches highlights: A good betting app in India will allow you to watch sports games (some even with live commentary) and follow the results.
  • Notifications about bets and results: You can see your bet slip and keep an eye on the results that interest you. Never miss a moment in a live betting app.
  • Statistics of teams and athletes: Most of the apps will have a detailed statistic for every competition, team or athlete. It’s a nice helping hand.
  • Casino and slot games: Applications will usually have a huge selection of casino games, live dealers, lottery games, Keno etc. You can try them just for fun before you decide to wager real money!
  • Esports and virtual sports: You can follow the hugely popular esports circuit, with games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Rocket League, StarCraft…
  • Registration and login: Most of applications will allow you to sign up inside the app, with no need to be near a PC. All you need is a phone number and an email address.
  • Deposit and withdraw money: Once you sign up and verify your profile information, you can deposit real money to your account using in just a few simple steps. Of course, collecting the winnings is also important, so pay attention to fast withdrawal betting apps in our reviews.
  • Bonuses and promotions: A huge number of apps will have a welcome bonus for your first deposit.
  • Safety and reliability: You can be sure that the bookmakers we write about are registered and possess all the necessary operating licenses for operating in India. Every app for betting on sports reviewed on our website is safe to use.

The difference between bookies’ sites and sports betting apk to download

Gone are the days when online betting meant that you have to sit in front of your computer and look at the big screen.

Most of the bookmakers operating in India, which have a sprawling market and a great love for the most popular sports in the world, have developed a mobile versions, so you can login and bet on the go.

“Okay”, you may ask, “I`ve already using a bookmaker’s website on my phone, so why should I download betting apk in India?

It’s easy, we get it, playing in the mobile versions of a casino or a bookie – but it’s not always too comfortable, is it? You need to enter the address every time, you need to login every time, and don’t even get us started on the small numbers and dozens of menus and submenus that do not look pretty even on devices with larger screens.

Of course, it is up to your preferences, but most of the users will argue that they are by far superior to a website.

Here are the main differences between applications and mobile websites.

Betting apk/ipa in India

Website on a desktop computer

Smart and fast: The app will remember your credentials for faster login, and you can deposit money in just a few seconds

You will probably have to login every time (which is actually good if you’re on a shared computer), and it might take some time to do that

Security: With passcodes, patterns and Face ID’s, only you can access a sports betting app on your phone

There is always a risk of misuse or even hacking

Regular updates: Top apps will constantly roll out updates to make the app even better

Betting websites can be too complicated and slow down your computer

Interface: You can add your favourite competitions, card games or roulettes for even easier access

Numerous clicks needed for even just a simple task

Pros and cons of sport betting apps

While there are, as you can see, many advantages of using a betting app in India, some of the players will stick to the “traditional” method of making wagers, on their desktop computer.

A legal application, nevertheless, will offer experience like no other, so let’s take a look at those features:

  • Accessibility: As long as you are online, you can place bets and follow results. Most of the apps don’t require exceedingly fast internet: just a stable connection will be enough.
  • Simple installation: There is no need to be a computer geek – you can download betting app and start using it in just a couple of minutes, and with the help of our website you’ll always know what to do.
  • Convenience: No more paper bet slips and wandering around cities trying to find a good casino. You can make bets, follow the scores and find a card game just for you 24/7.
  • User experience: Apps for sports betting are designed for all the modern smartphones and tablets, and their interface and attention to detail mean that it will run on your device just great.

Of course, not everyone will choose to download a betting app. There are still some disadvantages that you should consider before making a choice.

Here is our helpful table with pros and cons.



Betting on the go 24/7

Stable internet connection is needed, especially for live betting

Easy to use, very convenient and designed for your device

Offers, bonuses and deposit methods vary, so it might take you some time to find the right app

Can be personalized and tailored to your specific needs

Some of the apps will have restrictions regarding your location

Fast deposit and withdrawal of money


Safe and reliable, with added layers of security


Customer support is just one click away


Special offers, bonuses and promotions are usually well explained


Choosing top betting apps in India: How do our reviews work

When it comes to mobile gambling, we’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that there are a lot – and we do mean A LOT, as our website will attest to – of betting apps. The good news is that there are a lot of apps for betting on sports.

Competition in the Indian betting market has brought us numerous bookmaking companies. While they are all usually safe and secure, their offers – and their apps – differ a lot.

When reviewing and recommending an apk/ipa, we usually consider a great deal of factors. It is up to the player to decide, but we will try our best to give you extensive knowledge of pros and cons of every app, so that you can be sure you’ve made the right choice.

Here is what we look for in our reviews of Indian betting apps:

  • The number of sports available: It’s important to know that not all sportsbooks are the same. Some bookmakers will take special pride in having the largest selection of soccer matches; the other will be specialized in tennis or cricket. In our detailed reviews, we will tell you all about these subtle – and not so subtle – differences.
  • Sports + Casino combo: There are bookmakers with separate apps for sports betting and casino, but many will have both. Is switching between Sportsbook and Casino easy? Can you use the same account and same deposit? Are the bonuses different? These are just some of the questions we ask.
  • Bookmakers’ odds: The first time you start up a sports betting app, it might just seem to you that the numbers are the same for every bookmaker. But trust us – they are not. Even a slight change in odds, a percentile or two, can impact your winnings.
  • Number of markets and wager options: Even if an app has the same competitions and sports, what you can do with a single match might be different. Some will offer more markets, others will have bet builders and accumulators, or special bonuses for the number of games on the bet slip.
  • Bonuses for registering and playing: While most of the betting companies will try and entice new players with a special welcome bonus, they differ in amount and the wagering requirements.
  • Live matches and live dealers: Modern mobile devices with stable internet connection can show videos, so watching sports matches or participating in casino games is a nice experience. Still, some of the apps will have only handful of matches.
  • Interface and design: We would love to be able to say that every online betting app is intuitive and easy to use, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. That’s why app design is one of the things that you should consider when downloading and using a betting app.
  • Methods of payments: Most of apk/ipa applications will let you make deposits and transfer your winnings to your bank account from the app itself. And although most of them accept all the major credit cards, some will also let you use other methods, and even cryptocurrencies.
  • Customer service: It’s very important to have someone to talk to, especially if you can have a conversation in your own language. Some of the betting apps will have live phone operators ready 24/7, others will rely on FAQ or email.
  • Safety and security: We cannot stress this enough – you want an app that is trusted and tested, that won’t harm your device and that will make sure that all your data is safe. We will help you find it and describe everything you should know about keeping your account secure.
  • Is download and installation fast? Most of the apps will not be either on Google Play Store or iOS AppStore. That means you can find them on official mobile sites of bookmakers. Sometimes they will help you with QR codes and guides; sometimes they will make it a needlessly complicated affair. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

And that is not all. Even though the registered users can use the app wherever they are, laws and regulations might prevent them from doing so if they are abroad.

To make up for this, some of the bookmakers have special offers for Indian players. That is another factor to count in when choosing the best betting app in India.

What should you look for when choosing a betting app in India

With all that being said, nothing can stop you from downloading and installing various sporting betting apps and seeing for yourself what works best for you.

These are the main features that you should look for when picking the right app:

Get your money fast
When you want to collect your winnings, it can happen almost instantly... or you might have to wait. Pay special attention to methods of withdrawal and withdrawal periods.
Making a deposit
You should choose a betting app that has your preferred method of payment, whether it’s a credit card, UPI or a cryptocurrency
Number of sports matches and competitions
Are you obsessed with soccer or cricket? Or you closely follow kabaddi and badminton? Then you need to find an app that will allow you to place a bet on your favourite sport.
Bonuses and promotions
It’s not just the welcome bonus; it’s also the various benefits, promotional codes and loyalty rewards. The more – and simpler – the merrier, of course.

The simplicity of a welcome bonus: You should always read “small print”. But if you do not, we’ll do it for you – not every bonus will be easy to turn into real money. Pick the apps that make things simpler – or at least explain them properly.
Is casino available? Perhaps slots, roulette or live poker isn’t high on your list of priorities, but you’d still like to try your luck every once in a while. It helps when a sports betting app also has casino, or the recently high-flying Aviator game available.

There are still plenty of little differences that will shape your choice, like whether the app offers a special bonus for its users, or what kind of cashback it has, but that is up to you.

Trusted betting apps in India in 2023

There is no simple answer to a question – what is the best online betting app in India. But with our help and a little bit of research, you can find the right app just for you.

We have comprised this helpful list with the main competitors in the Indian market and what they bring to the table.

Check out our full reviews if you want to find out more about a specific betting game app.

Online betting app

Welcome bonus

Minimum deposit/withdrawal

Cryptocurrencies accepted




INR 500/INR 1,000



Pin Up


INR 500/INR 500





INR 80/INR 200





INR 75/INR 300





INR 200/INR 1,000



How to get a welcome bonus and other rewards

As you can see in the previous table, almost every online betting apk that Indian players can download will have some sort of a welcome bonus.

But that is just the beginning. The amount that you can get and the conditions you have to meet in order to convert bonus into real money differs. Moreover, a welcome bonus is just one of the rewards.

Some of the bookmakers will also give you additional money – usually in free bet or free spins – if you make a deposit via the app.

In our reviews, we will explain in detail how the bonuses work for each particular app. But it’s also helpful to know in the first place what kind of benefits there are and what you can expect from bookmakers and casinos operating in India.

Type of bonus


Welcome bonus

A player will get a bonus after making a first deposit. In most cases, the bonus will depend on the deposit, though there is usually also a maximum amount. Some apps will have separate bonuses for sports betting and casino, and even virtual or table games.

App bonus

A bookmaker might decide to reward a player using a sports betting app. If you make a deposit directly from the app, you will get a reward

Indian bonus

Some of the companies, especially those that have recently come to Indian market, will offer bonuses if you make your deposit in INR

Refer bonus

When you sign up and make your first deposit, you can get enter a referral program. When you invite a friend and they register, you will both get bonus for betting

Cash back bonus

If your daily turnover exceeds a specified amount, you will get a percentage of your turnover back. The turnovers are usually calculated on a daily or a weekly basis

Birthday bonus

A sport betting app might also choose to reward you on your birthday – do not worry, as this bonus usually lasts the entire month of your birthday

These bonuses and benefits can come in various forms, such as:

  • Sign up bonus: When you register and verify your account
  • Deposit matching: A 100% (or more) on your first deposit
  • Free bets: Bonus that you can use for betting, but you cannot withdraw it to your bank account unless you turn it over (see below for explanation)
  • Free spins: Similar to free bet, but for casino games
  • Boosted odds: When your bet slip, or accumulator, has reached a specified number of matches, you will get a bonus on your winnings

Wagering bonuses: How to convert an online betting bonus into real money

The big letters promising a huge welcome bonus in your app are true, but with a caveat.

Most of the bonuses Indian players can get in an online betting app depend on the wagering requirements, or a “rollover”, which is calculated when you multiply the amount of bonus by a rollover rate.

This means that you have to fulfil certain requirements before you can convert your bonus into real money and then transfer it to your bank account.

Let’s take, for example, an app with a wager of x50 and maximum cash out of x10. If you deposit INR 1,000, and you get 100% extra as a bonus, you would need to spend 50 times more funds in order to withdraw the money. If you win INR 15,000 this way, you can withdraw at most INR 10,000.

The best betting app needs to have low and reasonable wagering requirements in order for us to recommend it.

We will give you the full rundown for each app, so that you don’t lose your bonus.

Here is what you need to pay attention when considering to download a betting app:

  • Time limit: Some apps will require a player to roll over the deposit and bonus turnover within 3, 7 or 30 days.
  • Markets: Typically, a condition is that wagers must be in the markets that generate “win or lose” result.
  • Odds requirement: A player must bet on matches with specified minimum odds, for example 1.25. Bet slips and wagers with lower odds will not count towards rollover.

Even though the online betting apps are competing for Indian players, it is almost impossible to find a bookmaker willing to offer zero rollover rates.

Keep checking our website for the latest offers in sport betting apps in India.

How to place a wager in betting sports apps in India

The most important thing for a good betting app is to have easy-to-use interface, and that means that you can place a bet – for real money – in just a few seconds.

When you start a betting sports apk, it will typically show you the current matches, which you can sort by sports or competition.

When you click on “Sports” or “Sportsbook” you can see what’s on offer in the next 3-24 hours, or all the bets available. There are also additional categories, like outright betting.

The process is usually a breeze, and it goes like this:

  1. Find a match you wish to bet on.
  2. Click on an odd for an option you like (Win/Draw, Goals over or under, Match score, Race to 3 goals, Team 1 win from behind etc...)
  3. You might get an option to accept odds changes or decline them.
  4. There should be a pop-up window or your bet slip will be shown on the side or the bottom of the screen.
  5. You can enter the amount you wish to bet and see your possible winnings
  6. Apart from single betting, there are multi bets and system bets. Usually, you can combine different sports and competitions

Best sports apps in India will usually allow you to add sports or competitions to your favourites for easier access, and will have notifications to let you know how your bet is going.

How to register in a betting app: A simple guide

Thankfully, and with just a few exceptions that we will point out in reviews, you would be able to sign up for a new account on a bookie’s website within the app.

That means that you do not have to visit the desktop or a mobile website.

This makes the process fast and smooth, but there still are some things you should keep in mind.

Sign up as a new user
Fill the form with all needed information.
Verify your profile to activate withdrawal options.
Claim your bonus
Choose a suitable welcome bonus

  1. The first time you start an app, you will have an option to login (if you’re already registered) or to sign up as a new user.
  2. There should be a window where you need to fill in all your personal information. Please keep in mind that you should use your real name, because most of the apps will not allow you to make a deposit if your name and the name of your bank account do not match.
  3. Some betting apps will allow you to register with your mobile phone number, but other will require the email address. You might need to confirm the address or number via the link/password provided.
  4. In some apps, you can pick your language and currency even after your register. But there are some that will only allow you to do so while registering.
  5. If you have a promotional code, there should be an option to use it at the end of this procedure.

After you sign up, you can login for the first time.

  • Why you should verify your account in a sporting betting app?

Just registering is usually not enough, unless you just want to “take a look around” or play some casino games for fun.

In order to start betting and be eligible for a welcome bonus, you need to make a deposit, but before you can do that, there is the issue of account verification.

All legal online betting apps in India will require you to submit some proof of identification before you can deposit, and more importantly, withdraw your money.

There is nothing sinister to this – the companies are required to do this by law and regulations, and it shouldn’t bother you either. On the contrary, this is another layer of security.

  1. Typically, the betting app will prompt you to verify your account immediately.
  2. If you choose to do it later, you will find the instructions in the “Account” or “Settings” category inside the app.
  3. Some apps will have the option to upload the documents from inside the account settings, but you might also have to send an email to customer support.
  4. The verification process usually does not take more than 24 hours.

Here are the most common documents that betting apps require for verification.


Driving licence

PAN Card

Aadhar Card

Photograph (selfie) with an identity document

Screenshot of your bank app

How to deposit money using sports betting apps in India

Most of betting apps in India will have a good selection of methods for depositing money and replenishing your account.

On our website, you can find everything you should know about various payments instruments for specific apps.

When choosing the best sports betting app, consider what type of method you want to use.

This is how Indian players can make a deposit in a betting app:

  1. After you’ve registered and verified your account, you can see the available banking options, labelled “Deposit” or “Banking”.
  2. When you click on it, you can choose your favourite method. Different options will have different minimum and maximum deposit amounts.
  3. Another thing that is important is the average processing time before the money makes it into your account. This is usually not instant, but it should not take more than 15 or 30 minutes.
  4. Best betting apps in India will usually not charge any commission for adding money to your account.

Most of the betting apps will have these popular methods.

Name of payment instrument


Average minimum deposit

Betting app that uses this method


United Payment Interface is smartphone app used to transfer funds between banking accounts

INR 400



Pay Through Mobile is a platform that lets users transfer money to each other using Paytm Waller

INR 500

1xbet, Betway

Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro)

Major credit cards can be used for payments in India and abroad

INR 500

Pin-up, Betway


Digital currencies in which transactions are verified by a decentralized system using cryptography

INR 100



Digital wallet which offers different online payments and money transfer services

INR 1,000

22Bet, 1xbet

How to withdraw money

While replenishing your account is usually instant or at least pretty fast, withdrawing your winnings can sometimes take a couple of hours, or even a day or two, depending on the available options.

And if you’re like us, you probably want a betting app with fast withdrawal.

  1. In order to collect your winnings, you need to verify your account first.
  2. You can find the available options in the “Banking” or “Cashdesk” category in the app.
  3. The easiest and safest way is transferring money directly to your bank account, but not every online betting app will allow this.
  4. Keep in mind that bookmakers do not charge commission for either deposit or withdrawal, but some of the payment services might.

Here are the most popular ways of withdrawing money directly from the app.


Average minimum withdrawal amount

Average maximum
withdrawal amount

Easy Pay

INR 1,000

INR 3,00,000


INR 1,200

INR 1,10,000

Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro)

INR 400

INR 2,00,000


INR 1,000

INR 3,00,000


INR 1,000

INR 2,00,000

How to download a sports betting app on Android

As a general rule, you will not find a betting app for Indian players on Google Play Store. But that doesn’t mean that they are not safe or real, or that the way to obtain them is complicated.

Please always have this in mind when browsing Play Store – if you see an app portraying itself as an official betting app, it’s definitely scam.

Bookmakers will usually offer a number of ways for downloading the app from their website.

Here is our step-by-step guide to downloading betting apps APK for Android.

  1. You should always check the official mobile website of a bookmaker.
  2. They will have a prompt with notification that you can download the Android app. Some of the websites might have a QR code so you can download the app via shortcut even when opening a website on your desktop computer.
  3. When you click the download button, you will get the APK (installation) file.
  4. Before installing, you need to approve installations from unverified sources on your device. You can do this in the “Settings” on your phone.
  5. Once you do that, click on the installation file and after a few seconds, the app will be running. You can login or register.

A typical betting app should not take up more than 100 MB of space on your smartphone or tablet.

They should run on most of the modern smartphones with Android 5.0 or later.

How to download an online betting app on iOS

Apple users can sometimes feel hard done because bookmakers usually develop the app for Android first. It can also be a more complicated installation, unless they are on AppStore.

Of course, the process is very easy if you can find the official app on AppStore.

  1. Bring up AppStore and search the name of the app, or use the link provided on the official mobile website of a bookie.
  2. There should be no confusion, and when you click on the app, you can see the developer, popularity, size and previous versions. This should be enough to tell you if the app is genuine, but you can also consult our website.
  3. Click “Get” or “Install” and the app will be on your phone soon.

Unfortunately, some bookmakers, for whatever (legal) reasons sometimes complicate things. If the app is not on Appstore, you need to take a few extra steps in order to run iOS app.

  1. Visit the official website of a bookmaker on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Find the link for download.
  3. You might also need to click “Trust” on a specific developer. You can do that in “Device management” of iOS settings.
  4. Once you do that, the app should download.

Casino apps with sports betting

The most popular Indian iGaming companies will have both a sportsbook and an assortment of casino games.

To make matters even better, their apps will offer the experience of both sports betting and playing slots, poker, roulette or virtual games in one app.

There are, of course, “specialized” casino apps for players who do not enjoy sports.

Basically, they work in the same way as sports betting apps – the installation, deposit options and welcome bonuses apply to them, too.

The importance of responsible gambling

All of the betting apps that we cover operate under valid license, even though some of them are not based in India.

We will make sure that you have the full information on every bookmaker and their app.

And while there is nothing better than making money based on your luck – or knowledge, if you closely follow sports – gambling can also become a problem.

Online betting apps took note of this and they offer ways to help users who suffer.

There are many organizations in India that can help you if you have an issue. You can find counselling or just talk to other people who have had similar problems, but you also should not be afraid of contacting the bookmaker directly and explaining your situation.

Some of them will also have a self-assessment test up on their website – or even in their app – so you can check for yourself if it is time to find someone to talk to.

They will also provide helpful links.

Frequently asked questions

Where to download a betting app?

If you are using an Android phone, seeing as these apps are usually not available on Google Play Store, the first thing to do is to visit the official website of the bookmaker on your mobile phone. If you’re running iOS, you might have more luck with AppStore. Please beware of scammers – only download the apps from official sources.

What bonuses are there in a sporting betting app?

Most of the online betting apps will have some sort of a welcome bonus for new players. You can get it as soon as you make your first deposit, but have in mind that in order to turn this bonus into “real money”, you will have to make a turnover.

How to make a deposit via betting app?

It’s easy and fast, and it is up to you to choose a method of payment. Different apps will have different options, so that is another thing that you want to take into account when choosing the best betting app for your needs. You can use major credit cards, services like UPI or Paytm, Neteller or Skrill, and even cryptocurrencies.

How can I withdraw funds from apps?

The first step is to verify your account. That means that you have to submit some proof of identity to the bookmaker, and after a short period of waiting, you will be able to collect your winnings. Depending on the betting app, you can transfer money directly to your bank account, use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, or services like Easy Pay.

How are betting apps different from their web versions?

They are usually faster, and will allow you to login and place a bet in just a couple of seconds. They are also safer and more secure, because it’s a small chance that anyone else can use your mobile phone. Plus, they are usually designed specifically for your device model, so user experience is a lot better.

Can I bet on esports in the apps?

Yes. Esports are very popular, and bookmakers have made sure that they have found a way into their betting apps. There will be a huge selection of Esports, and they also support live betting, which means you can always find something to bet on or just enjoy watching.

Can I watch live soccer in an app?

Yes. The good betting apps in India will provide you with Livestream. Of course, the matches on offer will vary, and sometimes the apps will make sure you have made your first deposit before you can join in. But it’s a lot more fun when you can watch a game you are betting on.

What types of bets are there in apps?

It’s not just win, lose, or draw. You can wager the number of goals, the first team to score, even pick a player that you think will score a goal – and what type of goal it will be. On average, a great betting app will have more than 1,000 different bets on matches in the most popular sports competitions, like the Premier League.

Can I turn on app notifications?

Yes. When you do that, you can get the status of your bet slips, follow the results of sports matches, and keep up with the special offers that every app will have every now and then. If you ask us – we are thoroughly recommending it.

What is the best betting app in India?

The question is great, but the answer is not so simple. It is up to you, as a player, to find out what app works best for you and your needs. And we will be here to provide the honest, precise and up-to-date reviews of all relevant betting apps for Indian players.