Online casinos that accept Google Pay

Min. deposit:
INR 100
Free Spins:
125% up to INR 25,000
5X (D+B)
Min. deposit:
INR 55
Free Spins:
100% up to INR 20,000
Min. deposit:
INR 300
Free Spins:
75 FS
100% up to INR 10,000
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Google Pay supported (bonus included)

Minimum deposit

Maximum deposit

Welcome bonus

Transaction time

Mostbet apk


INR 300

INR 70,000

100% bonus on the first deposit up to INR 25,000 (with free spins)


1xBet apk


INR 350

INR 70,000

100% welcome bonus for first deposit up to INR 20,000




INR 500

INR 50,000

100% bonus up to INR 20,000





INR 300

INR 50,000

INR 100 bonus for registration, 100% welcome bonus up to INR 5,000


12Bet apk


INR 500

INR 100,000

200% welcome bonus up to INR 3,000


How to find Google Pay casinos for real money

First things first: if you live in India and own an iPhone, please don’t think that this article is not for you. As you will see, even though it is a product of Apple’s rival, Google Pay does work on iPhones in India, and its installation is easy.

So no matter what type of smartphone you have, read on to find out what makes this particular payment interface a good option for casino lovers and bettors.

Google Pay will allow you to make payments online and to juggle between several of your UPI bank accounts. All you need is a bank account linked to your mobile phone, a debit card, and a smartphone updated to latest available version of the operating system.

In this article, our Indian readers will find out all there is to know about Google Pay online casinos, its benefits and shortcomings.

We have already picked five betting platforms with casino games that have a full Google Pay support, but we will also explain how to use payments via this method in other sites.

Of course, since you’ll be playing with your real money, you want to be sure that the transactions are secure. That’s why all the casinos we mention on this page (and the rest of our websites) are legal and licensed in India.

What is Google Pay and how to use it from India

As with majority of things connected to Google, it started out just as an idea, and turned out to be a tool that makes all of our lives much easier.

Google Pay has been in development for more than a decade – though at first it was called Google Wallet. It allows contactless purchases from mobile phones (but only if you own an Android) and also works as a digital wallet.

It is currently available in 46 countries around the globe, and to our luck, India is one of them. In fact, Google Pay is recording constant growth in India, which means there are more and more online casinos and betting websites offering it as a payment method.

Recently Google Pay has introduced “Spot Code”, which is similar to well-known QR codes. They are still not usable in online casinos, but it does send a message that Google sees India as a vehicle for testing its services.

Google Pay online casinos and betting apps guide

For all its advantages, Google Pay is still not that commonly accepted. We have found five online casinos that are best if you plan to make these fast transactions.

Here are just some of the reasons why Google Pay and online casinos are a good match:

  • You can use it with any (and every) smartphone.

When it comes to online payments, Google Pay will work with Android phones, but also with Apple-made devices. If you use iPhone, you can find the Google Pay app on AppStore. The only difference is brick-and-mortar shopping: you will not be able to use contactless payments on iPhone for the time being.

  • It is UPI-compatible.

If you live in India, you probably use United Payments Interface (UPI) on a daily basis. Google Pay works in UPI and it currently supports more than 140 banks throughout the country. Furthermore, you can have multiple bank accounts linked in one app.

  • Low minimum/high maximum amount to deposit.

As you can see in our table, you can start playing in Indian online casinos via Google Pay for as low as 300 rupees. But if you wish to go all-in, you can actually invest more than INR 50,000 daily.

  • Fancy bonuses, just for you.

The bookies and casinos have many promotions for newly registered players, the welcome bonus being the most obvious one. With Google Pay, you are eligible for those special offers.

  •  Control your spending and set those limits.

When you open up the Google Pay app, you can easily see all of your payment activity and history of recent transactions. This way you can control your expenses, for that so important responsibility in gambling.

We won’t sugar-coat anything in this article – we have also established some of the flaws of Google Pay in India, and we cannot wait to tell you all about it.

How to install Google Pay account for real money casinos

In order to make a deposit in casinos with Google Pay, you first need to install the app and link your bank accounts.

As previously mentioned, the only things you are going to need are the smartphone, a debit card issued in India, and a valid phone number.

You can find the app on Play Store (for Android apk) or on AppStore (for iOS .ipa).

Name of app / OS

Number of downloads

Number of reviews / ratings

Average rating


Google Pay: Save and Pay / Android




Google Play Store

Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage / iOS




AppStore India

Once you install the app, you will need to add your bank account to Google Pay so you can use it for betting. These are the steps to take:

  1. Login or make a new Google account. Then tap the profile icon in the upper right corner of the home screen.
  2. Click the “Bank” option and then “Add bank account”.
  3. Select your bank from the extensive list and you can activate it via One-time-password (OTP).
  4. Enter the information needed, along with the last digits of your Indian debit card.
  5. Set up a UPI PIN (just like on Paytm or PhonePe apps) and the bank account should be on Google Pay.

How do we rate online casinos that accept Google Pay?

The casinos that take Google Pay are highly rated by Indian users. Apart from reading a helpful review or two, you can also do a little searching for yourself.

These categories will help you decide which Google Pay casinos to pick.

  • Always check for the license first. Yes, Google Pay is very secure, but it can be abused nevertheless. You want to make sure that the casino is operating in India under the valid license, and that their website is safe for transactions. You can find all this information on the official website of the casino – just make sure you got the right link.
  • Does it have a lot of payment methods? And is Google Pay one of them? Broadly speaking, Google Pay can serve as a symbol of modernization. If a casino accepts Google Pay – and about a half of them in India do – then it is vetted not just by users, but also by the Indian banking authorities.
  • Apps like Google Pay thrive precisely because of the speed of transactions. Google Pay works almost instantly when it comes to depositing money, but withdrawing is another story. The processing time is usually up to two days. If you find a casino that will offer a quicker disbursement, stick to it.
  • Bonuses are good, but... low wagering requirements are even better. While you will be able to get that oh-so-needed welcome package when you make your first deposit in Google Pay online casinos and betting apps, it’s the wagering that you want to pay close attention to. Pick a casino with respectable and achievable bonuses – not just those that will offer you the world, only to realise you’re not able to reach it.
  • Design and user experience: It’s not all about the money – you want to have a good time, too. And it helps to visit a virtual casino with a good design and an app that will not crash. What about customer service? Fortunately for you, these are also some of the characteristics that we use to sort out the apps.

Which casinos and bookies work best with Google Pay?

By now we have established that Google Pay and online betting are a natural fit, and that this payment service can challenge the well-established methods in India like PhonePe or Paytm.

It doesn’t hurt that you will receive the welcome bonus for your first deposit thanks to Google Pay.

But just like all these payment apps have their differences, so do the online casinos.

After testing several betting platforms, we have reached a consensus about three online casinos that work great with Google Pay.

Kindly note that this is not set in stone. As online casinos is gaining new fans in India, many bookies are taking huge steps forward, which usually means partnering up with Google Pay and UPI. We will keep you updated, of course, but as things stand, these are some of our favourites:

  • BeCric perhaps doesn’t boast the best non-cricket sportsbook, nor does it have many of the casino games that we are used to. Still, it rates highly among the casinos Google Pay works well in. Apart from depositing money, you can also make a withdrawal to your Google wallet.
  • 1xBet: Let’s put it like this – 1xBet offers all of the functionality of BeCric, just with plenty more games and markets. Apart from major gaming providers, you can also try your luck in virtual sports, and collect your winnings via Google Pay.
  • MostBet: If you follow our website closely, you probably know that we have a soft spot for Mostbet. Unfortunately, it disappointed us a little when it comes to withdrawing money. Google Pay is not on the list, so BeCric and 1xBet get our vote this time.

How to make a deposit

Once you’ve linked your bank account (or accounts, if you have several) to Google Pay, there are just seconds separating you from gambling online.

Let’s take you through the process of making a deposit in online casinos that accept Google Pay.

Verify app for payment

Some of the payment apps can be a bit overwhelming for new users – but Google Pay is not one of them. Even if you have had no previous experience in online transactions, you will soon enough realize how easy it is to use Google Pay on your mobile phone.

Unlike the apps like PhonePe or Paytm, you get all the security but with minimum fuss. For example, once you have finished adding your bank accounts for UPI use with Google Pay, there are no further steps needed.

Another great thing about Google Pay is that it does not charge any extra fees, and it keeps the information of your bank account safe – online casinos (and potential hackers) will never know your debit card number.

Top up your casino account with Google Pay

Let’s get some money in that casino now. Once you’ve found a bookmaker that accepts Google Pay, there is almost nothing standing between you and playing slots or roulette for real money.

This is how to make a deposit with Google Pay.

  1. Register for a Google Pay casino and login. Find it in the list of available methods. It’s usually in the “Banking” section.
  2. Enter the desired amount. The minimum for Google Pay casinos is usually INR 500, but if you are making your first deposit, you might want to take that welcome bonus into consideration.
  3. If you have multiple banking accounts or debit cards linked, Google Pay app will ask you which one to use
  4. In order to authorise the transaction, you will probably need to use a Touch ID or Face If. For added layer of security, we recommend using a Google Authenticator app.

Can you withdraw money from casino using Google Pay?

Not being able to send your winnings directly to Google Pay account was one of the major impediments. It was indeed harder to recommend using Google Pay for online gambling when it was working as a one-way street: deposits only.

Fortunately, things are slowly changing for the better. Even though there are only a handful of casinos that we can truly call Google Pay-friendly, the barrier has been broken and we expect that more bookies will gladly accept it. We will be there to report on it, don’t you worry.

Of course, once you send your money to Google Pay app, you will be able to forward it to your linked bank accounts. The best thing about all this is that there are no surcharges.

Pros and cons of using Google Pay with online casino

We had some fun testing Google Pay casinos in India, but it wasn’t just joy ride. For instance, we had to dig deep to find five betting platforms, because some bookies are still hesitant to offer this boon to their users.

And it is a boon for sure – when it comes to Google Pay, we can recommend it wholeheartedly.

Check out our list and see if you agree with our judgment.



Probably the most secure payment method available to Indian players

Only a handful of the most popular Indian casinos accept it...

It is very easy to control your spending and take note of all your transactions

... and it’s even more rare to find a casino that will allow you to withdraw money using Google Pay

No extra fees for using it in online casinos

Even when you do, it might take up to two days for the money to show up in your account

There are welcome bonuses for using Google Pay – provided you have found a casino willing to accept it

Only debit cards can be linked

The deposits are really fast – you will top up your account in a blink of an eye


The customer support is Google-tested, and there are many Indian languages available


You can link multiple bank accounts and debit cards


The alternatives: The most popular deposit and withdrawal methods in Indian casinos

We’ve said some nice things about Google Pay, but it’s not the only payment option we have tested for you.

If you are looking to open up a casino account and make your first deposit, the following methods are also worth checking out.

Payment method


PhonePe Casinos

Technically, it works similarly to Google Pay. But there are some differences, especially when it comes to withdrawing money. PhonePe is more widespread than Google Pay, though that is about to change.


If you’re willing to take the next step in online payments, perhaps the crypto universe is just what you have been looking for. Kindly note that some of the casinos will not offer a welcome package while using crypto

Paytm Casinos

A mainstay of banking apps in India, that makes the best use of UPI. Still, if security is your main concern, then Google Pay might be a better option.


Can I use Google Pay to make a deposit in an Indian online casino?

Yes, but not in every single one of them. While Google Pay is fairly popular in India, it is still lagging behind apps like PhonePe or Paytm. The vast majority of casinos will have Paytm and PhonePe, and a lot less will let you make a transaction using Google Pay.

Can I use Google Pay on an iPhone?

Yes. You can download this app from AppStore and install it on your Apple device, just like you would on an Android phone. The only slight difference concerns offline payments, but that is not why you are here anyway, is it?

Will I get charged extra when depositing money via Google Pay?

No. One of the best traits of Google Pay is that it is completely free. There are no hidden charges and you will not spend a rupee more than the transaction cost. On a side note, you can check out all your transactions, past and present, with just a tip of the button.

Can I withdraw money from Google Pay casinos?

One of the major breakthroughs for Google Pay came with the ability to withdraw money. Alas, this is still a new feature in India, so only a handful of casinos will let you transfer your winnings to your Google Wallet.

Is Google Pay safe?

Yes, immensely. Google Pay takes a step further than those fairly secure apps like PhonePe or Paytm, by keeping your debit card number hidden from the casino – and all those prying eyes.

What is the minimum I can deposit with Google Pay?

You can start playing with real money in online casinos for as low as INR 300. But if we are talking about your first deposit, don’t forget about a welcome package: your first sum may be multiplied.

How to deposit money in an online casino using Google Pay?

If you have successfully linked your bank account to your Google Pay account, all you need to do is find a list of online casinos that accept Google Pay. And wouldn’t you know it – there is one list just like that at the top of this page. Then login to the betting app, enter the desired sum and confirm it in your Google Pay app.

Are there many online casinos with Google Pay?

No, but there will be soon enough. Google Pay is not as popular as it deserves to be, at least for the time being, but we are finding more and more betting platforms that accept it. The future looks bright for Google Pay in India, that’s for sure.

Is there a welcome bonus in a Google Pay casino?

Yes, but don’t rush into it head-first. Take your time and check out the rules and terms of a welcome bonus that a casino offers, especially regarding wagering requirements. You can rely on our reviews – we promise not to hide a thing from you.